AvaxFi Lending Platform
DeFi is making borrowing and lending easier by eliminating the middleman. In the traditional world of finance, getting a loan is challenging. Banks check your credit score, require you to own assets as collateral, and then make you wait in line for weeks before giving you the money. With DeFi, there are no more banks or intermediaries — just you and your crypto collateral.
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Built on the leading proof-of-stake (POS) blockchain Avalanche, AvaxFi aims to unleash the next generation of seamless, fast, and secure crypto lending. AvaxFi is an Avalanche native DeFi platform created to make your digital assets work for you. The platform provides savers with high-interest rates in a low-interest environment, access to collateralized loans for those ignored by traditional lenders, and financial inclusion for the unbanked in the developing world. The company’s core philosophy embraces robust risk management, cybersecurity, and auditing to protect users’ assets, all built on one of the world’s most scalable, affordable, and energy-efficient blockchains.
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